Know Your Salwar Pants – Trendy Thursdays – 3

Hi Folks,

This Thursday let’s make Salwars more Stylish. Yeah! I have seen many of my friends looking modern and fabulous in contemporary clothes and gorgeous in traditional outfits like lehanga or sari. However, I could clearly notice that salwars are being neglected and even if people wear it they prefer a legging beneath. I feel there is too much concentration on the Kameez / Kurti / Kurta that the salwar is abandoned.

Chudidhar / Salwar-Kameez are the well-known and one of the national wears of our nation. I personally feel that Salwar-Kameez is more concealing than a sari and more comfortable than jeans. I think a salwar-kameez is acceptable almost anywhere and everywhere. You can wear it formally, casually, in a trendy way or even as wedding attire.

This post will cover you about how to make your salwar-kameez trendy by trying different salwars. Most of you may know and have all the salwars but might be negligent to sport it up and some of you may think this as Greek and Latin. Either way I guess this post might be helpful towards the end. I have enlisted top 5 different salwar styles to sport.


The Five Trendy Salwars

  • Patialas/Punjabi Pants:

I personally adore patialas. They are gorgeous, trendy, and comfortable. It also makes me look short and cuter. Yeah, for tall and slender women this might be a best preference. However, if you are too obese and short already avoid patialas to the maximum. Additionally, get patialas is solid bright colors. Sport them up with a comfortable tee or short kurtis. Patialas will also look exclusive and gorgeous with a fully worked Kurta especially to be sporting for wedding occasions.

  •  Afghani Pants:

This is often considered to be similar to patialas but they are different and they are more bulky and are made exclusively for tall women. This should be perfectly chosen since they don’t suit everyone. Again this can be sported with a short Kurti or even with a long Kurta.

  •  Chudi fitting / Gathering pants:

This is very common and much used around salwar. These pants are the cotton version of leggings. This suits both short and tall people. Especially short and little stout people can go with this to make them slender and taller. This should be mostly preferred with long Kurta since this will mostly be tight around your thighs. This is the one you should sport for formal occasions.

  •  Harem Pants:

These are casual or home wear which is comfortable for sleeping, travelling and driving. This suits all sorts of women and do sport a loose tee or top to enhance the looks of this salwar. People may call this as carrot pants also.

  •  Semi-Patialas / Loose Salwar:

In contrast to the conventional salwars, this is a hybrid of common salwars with patialas. This is a good option for office wear and formal occasions. They should be sported with knee length tailor made tops, tunics or kurtas. However you shouldn’t be sporting this for weddings or parties since they are more formal and simple looking. This suits every sort of women.

These entire pants look more ravishing if you get it custom made. I stitch all these pants from my tailor and as of patialas I sometime order it online here.

Drop in your suggestions and ideas down in the comments box.

Cheers n Love


I am S(t)ri


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