5 Things to Consider While Picking Your Wedding Invite – Wedding Wednesdays 2

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Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! Check out previous Wedding Wednesday post here. There are lots of weddings happening around me and I am so busy in shopping for myself (of course I should look my best in my friends’ weddings right?). Apart from that I’ve been helping a lot of friends around with their wedding planning (Yeah! Advantages of having a Wedding Planner Friend, you see!) I have just formulated 5 key points you should be considering while picking your wedding card for the D-Day.

Wedding Cards

Some unique and stylish wedding cards

Gone are those days when only typical traditional cards were selected and the words were crafted. Nowadays young couples want everything best for their wedding. While there are plenty of personalized and also pre-designed cards available in the market, I would suggest that a bit of personal contribution is always good. Presenting you the five things to be considered while picking your D-Day card;

1. Decide: Yeah! First step is not planning but decision. You should first decide few stuffs like “how many cards you want”, “what are the types of your guests”, “what are all the rituals for which you need a card”, et.al.

Sri Suggests: Yes, am suggesting you here in “Sri Suggests” column from my real time experiences. It is always good to have two types of cards while having a Desi Wedding. One card which is rich, traditional and huge to be shown off to relatives and another small, trendy and tailor-made for friends and colleagues. About the guest list, you got to sit and work it out personally. If you are hosting two different rituals at two different locations for instance: Sangeet at a Hotel and Wedding in a Wedding Hall then two cards can be designed however if all the ceremonies are taking place in a single spot (especially, holiday weddings) then one card for relatives and one for friends are sufficient.

2. Design: Mentally work out a theme in which you want your wedding card. The traditional one won’t be giving you much worry but for the tailor-made card you must design a approximate thought on how you want the card.

Sri Suggests: Don’t decide completely on how your card should look, it will disappoint you. Instead try working out only about colors, theme (as in stylish contemporary or conventional spiritual).

3. Write: This is where the mountainous task comes. Decide what you want to write and how much you want to write. “How much you want to write” is the key factor for picking the card. Also, you need to be sure of how you want your name to appear for instance if bride’s name is Layasri and groom’s is Krishnan, you may go with “LayaKrish invites” which may enhance the attachment as well as the feel.

Sri Suggests: Even the best looking card may go awry if writing is erroneous. Thus make sure you are an excellent writer yourself or ask your partner to write if he or she is talented in writing short sweet contents. If neither works, hire one or ask your friend who is skilled enough to write. Furthermore opt for catchy and mocking contents instead of conventional poems.

4. Talk it out: This is the main step. Go to your wedding invite designer and express him/her clearly on what you want. Make him design and even re-design (if needed), after all you are paying the bill.

Sri Suggests: Choose local and underrated wedding card makers from wedding shopping areas in your city. Drawbacks are that you need to travel a lot, nag them, visit them often but the gain is that the work will be authentic and perfect, cost is comparatively cheap and mainly they will listen to you.

5. Don’t exaggerate: Be it design or wordings, never exaggerate on it. Don’t add too much of shades or colors to your card. You may have an urge to write a lot but refrain from writing essays.

Sri Suggests: Photo Cards may be a very nice concept to be having a personalized but non exaggeration invite but then keep the contents minimal in this case and also don’t give photos that are too artificial (bride in over-makeup or jewels or a rogue looking photo of the groom).

Hope these 5 points helped you. If you have more queries or suggestions, add your thoughts in the comments section or ping me on my facebook page.

Tip for D-Day preparations: If you and your fiancé(é) both are working and too busy to get a break to plan your wedding then definitely don’t leave the wedding to a simple contractor but go for a good wedding planner.

Cheers n Luv,


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