Review of “The One You Cannot Have” – A Novel by Preeti Shenoy

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Okay! This time it is no craft or art work display. This week’s Time pass Tuesday is about my review of the latest novel by Preeti Shenoy. “The One You Cannot Have”.

The One You Cannot Have is a fiction novel by famous author Preeti Shenoy. She is a talented and renowned author to many but to me she is more than that she is a role model, a mentor, a fabulous person. I have admired all her works (yeah, she apart from writing does paper quiling, mixed media and portraits also). She is author of five best sellers, blogger, mother of two lovely kids (well one is a teen now), Nature Lover, Ted X Speaker. I have been influenced by her since college days (I attend her Ted X talks). She is a woman who makes other women want to be her.

Well coming to her latest novel “The One You Cannot Have” – The official release date was November 18, 2013 and I received it promptly via online order through “Landmarkonthenet” (I pre-ordered it on October 10 2013 – I was that desperate to grab this). I am even more delighted that I got the author signed copy (according to me she is the only author who signs fully with love for all the 3000+ pre ordered books). I came from office and grabbed the book well after eating something then I made sure no one disturbs me. Then I start my novel at 9PM and after a lot of emotions and feelings I finished it by around 12 (mid night). 3 hours I was engulfed in her magic. Yes indeed the book was magical. Here is small gist about the book which I summarized.

Suave Anjali wanted no one else before she met Sensible Guy Aman who in turn wants the Confusing Shruti. But what Shruti wants? Oh yeah! There is Rishab who she is married to. And does Rishab want Shruti? Their lives are entwined in a strange mess – Thanks to past affair of 4 years between Aman & Shruti. One silly, untimely breakup that shakes 4 lives now.

Well, I don’t want to reveal anything. Go grab a book for yourself because it is worth the read. Even the cover illustration is that perfect that it depicts you the whole concept of “The One You Cannot Have” – See the cover deeply. Here are 5 reasons why I liked the book and why am recommending you to read it;

  • The book is gripping and realistic. (I was glued completely!! I took only one loo break!)
  • The book has 3 points of view – Shruti, Anjali, Aman – The three personalities are potrayed uniquely and their emotions are clearly illustrated.
  • The book is from male point of view for 50-60%; unlike Preeti’s previous 3 books.
  • This book has a plenty of tips about relationships and dating affairs (you can improve your dating style after reading this).
  • Finally, the words used and phrases give you a feel as if the whole thing is happening around you. You will find resemblances of you, your friends, your siblings, your cousins, etc.

I have felt that I cried with Shruti, understood and became sensible with Aman, laughed and giggled with Anjali. There was very striking resemblances of many people I knew. And finally, the climax will make you get goose bumps. I had laughed, wept and understood a lot from this book.


My Author Signed Copy from Landmark

You can be married, single or committed but there will most likely be “The One You Cannot Have” in your life. I have no such person till now, still I am closely attached to the book. However, if you have someone in your life whom you simply can’t have then you will be more emotionally attached to this book.

Read it? Share your thoughts! Haven’t read it yet grab them from the nearest store or online order from The whole set of 5 books of Preeti Shenoy are available with free shipping and COD.

Cheers n Love,

S(t)ri – Srilakshmi Indrasenan

I am S(t)ri



  1. Preeti Shenoy is beyond brilliant. I love her books, I love her writing, I love her stories; and everything! Really.
    The story of relationships, and heartbreak could not be conveyed better. I read this book when I was going through a heartbreak, and the beauty of this book ..the writing..just moved me.
    I read this book at a 4 hours and cried myself to sleep, but there was a heart-touching meaning to it.
    The last line couldnt stop my thinking..”Sometimes how much ever you love cant have them..and that is OKAY.”

    Damn. *heart shatters into pieces* 😛


  2. a good time pass read for broken heart people………………………………..another book by preeti shenoy “life is what you make it” is a must read 🙂


  3. I really have to “Thank You” for this. All these days I haven’t come across any of Preeti Shenoy’s novels..But your blogger comment made me get a copy of the book (in fact set of 5 books ; all of Shenoy’s) through Amazon & I was also the luckiest one among 3000 who got the signed copy of the author! I could easily imagine the characters with that of my friends, because it was very much lively. Still Can’t believe that it is a fictional one. With the same spirit I am onto “The Secret Wishlist” now O:)


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