Angels called Girl BFFs – Muaaah Mondays (MM) 2

Hi Folks,

Muaaah Mondays! Yeah! What a romantic name for my blog post category. Yes, indeed to brush away those Monday blues I preferred to name this as Monday category in a little muaaah way! If you are too naïve to know what is muaaah (I hope no one is so naïve) it means kisses.

Mondays will be dedicated to all those people who are kissable in my life and in the other people’s life too. Last Monday it was about My Doppelganger My BFF! And this week’s is going to be about My Girl BFFs.

One of my colleagues suggested me to write about girl-girl friendships. So here it goes dear!

Women are from Venus – If you think Roman Goddess Venus is known for beauty, love and charm I hope you are forgetting the fact that Venus’s surface is a dry desert scrape scattered with slab-like rocks and periodically refreshed by volcanism and the surface temperature of Venus is approximately 462 degree centigrade. So we women can be soft and sweet as well as rough and tough.

This is the main reason or a superstitious explanation that women fight a lot and love a lot. I have constantly come across memes and trolls regarding women friendship such as the one shown below;


 A Troll which I come across frequently

I have myself laughed and shared these but the true fact is that not all girl – girl friendship are like the ones shown above. There are rare exceptions and the rare is at times common. I was behaving like a tomboy in schooldays I didn’t have much of girl friends and to be precise I didn’t have any girl friends from school who are in touch till now. May be I was arrogant or maybe I was a complete tomboy and spoilt brat. Of course I had a lot of friends and all of them were guys. I was comfortable with them and I felt it was less drama. I was teased, slut-shamed by other jealous girls but I was least bothered.

But then the unexpected miracle happened once I was out of school and entered college my whole world turned upside down. I became fashion conscious, more girlish and above all I had girl best friends. For past 7 years I have had a lot of friends from the same sex and above all I was comfortable with them. I am so expert in not fighting with my best friends that I could write a blog about Girl – Girl Friendship now! Of course there is exception in everything, I have a female best friend whom I love quarrelling with; that is a different case.

In the past 7 years, I used to meet 2-3 of my guy BFFs and share my feelings regularly but as of Girls, it is becoming uncountable and we meet out, shop and of course have a full girls’ day out with them. However, whenever am with them one thing rings in my subconscious mind. This video perfectly depicts my woes. This video is about how and why female – female friendship doesn’t last long (a video from a classic yet underrated Tamil movie Snegidhiye). However, am least bothered and am making a change by being with them forever. These friends of mine had been with me when I was alone, when I was ignored, when I cried, when I was in my worst above all they know me completely still they chose to be with me. 

If you are still in need of advantages of having girl BFF(s) (for girls) then here are the reasons I found;

  • She/They is your gossip mate. She can gossip and of course she will be interested when you gossip.
  • She/They listen(s) without interrupting. (You don’t need a shrink or therapist, talking to your female friend solves it all).
  • She/They can shop with you, help you choose stuffs and of course they won’t complain about those long shopping time.
  • Girl BFFs will always make sure how you look, they keep an eye on your dress, accessories, your shoes etc (remember the scene in which one cousin of Chetan Bhagat (Krish) in 2 states book helps the other to get her looks right).
  • They hurt you less. First thing if your friend calls you something offensive you call her back more offensively. Second thing they know how it pains and she won’t give you that pain in most of the cases.
  • Above all you can be sure that they won’t propose to you or harass you sexually (of course unless she is lesbian. In that case I hope only God can save you).

However, in my 7 years of experience I have had few drawbacks which made me feel low but I could regain strength because the friendship is strong than drawbacks.

  • Possessiveness: When a guy is possessive it is cute but if a girl is then May Your Soul R.I.P.
  • Back-Bitching: Unless you are really BFFs your other normal female friends will back bitch about you.
  • Jealousy: The word says it all.
  • Gang Wars or war inside the gang: Two is a company, three is a crowd and anything more than 3 is a disaster. So if you are a gang of gals then war is as common as sneezing. It comes without a hint of coming.

Am thankful to all my female best friends because they supported me to get away from all these negatives and now our friendship is full of positives. I can’t meet few of you now. I may not meet few of you in future but then I would just wish to say that you girls are my best friends forever.

I am a girl; I hang out with girls because it is less pain.

I can’t mention every single of your names or photo here. But you know who you are.

Cheers n Luv,


I am S(t)ri


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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