Blessed to travel by Chennai buses? – Freestyle Fridays (FF) -2

Hi Folks,

Today is Freestyle Friday.  Therefore I may write about anything and everything. This is more of “Vent Your Feelings” section. Last week’s post was on “Knight in shining armor”.

This week’s post about public transportation (buses) inside Chennai. This post is going to be sardonic and you got to bear it with me. Here it goes;

Chennai buses are the best way of transport across the globe. If you haven’t realized the feel yet, then you have to travel in them. They are simply superb. What a respect the male passengers have on their female counterparts. No one sits on the ladies seat even if it is empty. Yeah! They have been brought up right with lot of ethics. They even rise up to give seat to elder people and pregnant ladies. Isn’t it cute?

While the male passengers are this sweet, the conductors are sweeter. They always stop the bus exactly on the stop. The bus is filled only for its capacity and everyone has a smooth travel. The rates are so affordable with as low as Rs.1000 per month for the pass. Yeah! Don’t you know? Every Indian earn so much these days that the bus travel looks cheaper to us. The conductors are so down to earth; they will generously give you ‘change’ even if you board in a crowded bus. And yeah they have this mentioning every stop and checking whether every passenger has gotten down safely (especially elders).


State of Chennai MTC Bus Travelling

The people who travel are just gems. They are so sophisticated. Even the most developed countries should learn from us. The passengers enter via entry gate and exit via the other one always. There is no fat aunt who dashes you and there is no drunkard who ogles at you. The men in bus are highly ethical. Their mothers have thought them how to treat women perfectly. They are your saviors; they will never touch your vitals or even breathe next to you. No one smokes or spits inside the bus; they treat the bus as their own home. As of foot-board it is an alien term to our passengers. Anyways how could they foot-board with closed doors?

Oh! I didn’t say about the maintenance of the bus nah? The bus is maintained with absolute perfection that you at times forget that you are inside the bus. All the windows are window panes are in perfect condition. They are replaced as and when broken. What’s more the automatic doors are so robotic that you will have that Hollywood movie effect reflexes from the bus door. There is not even single rust in any bus.

Driver is the last but most important character. He drives with so much perfection. There is no history of bus accidents ever in the city. Above all he never races and he has a perfect grip. All bus drivers are teetotalers; they never have their cell phones with them. They are that perfect.

If you have understood what I meant then it’s high time to do your part right. Instead of blaming or ranting your anger do your part well. The Air conditioned buses are kinda better in comparison to the rest but if we don’t change there is a possibility that even those might be damaged beyond repair. This is not an advice but a suggestion for everyone including myself.

  • Don’t spoil the bus by spitting, scribbling or other means
  • Don’t drink or smoke inside the bus.
  • Don’t ogle or molest women. They are neither your wife nor the bus is your bedroom
  • Carry changes whenever possible
  • Don’t travel in footboard or overboard.
  • & lots more…

Don’t expect change! Be the Change!!!

I might not update the blog over the weekend because I’ve restricted myself from reading and writing in weekends and I will be more into other hobbies. Meet you people on Monday again!

Cheers n Love,


I am S(t)ri

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