You are only as Good as Your Haircut!! – Trendy Thursdays (TrTh) 2

Hi Folks,

Yeah! Finally the Thursdays are meant for trends and fashion. Keep following my blog for more fashion based trendy tips and posts every Thursday. Last week Thursday’s post was about Maybeline Color Show Nail Paints.

Well before starting this week’s post I would like to mention my favorite quote on haircuts and hair styles;

“Life is a constant struggle, full of frustrations and challenges. Eventually you find a hair stylist you love! Then life becomes heaven!!”

Yes, true to the quote’s verses the hair style you sport can only be as good as your hair stylist. Every girl’s dream is to have that perfect haircut and the hair that stays in place without daily salon treatment. However this is not as easy as it seems. You may never realize that whether you had a good or bad hair cut until one week after the cut. This one week is the time you realize how your hair cut/style actually will look for rest 2-3 months.


Curly/Straight/Wavy – Every hair type has that perfect hair cut 🙂

Hair styling is a wide area and I am going to cover a small part of it here and that part is about “Haircuts – Tips and Tricks”. Listed below are quick tips about hair cut.

  • Go for a hair cut or at least hair trim every 3 months once (or at least once in 6 months). Well if you are a guy or if you want to sport a boy cut then you obviously know how often to chop off your hair 😛
  • Always follow this procedure while hair cuts: Shampoo-Condition-Wash-Cut-Blow dry. This is the series you should follow no matter if you cut your hair yourself of take the cut from a stylist.
  • Be careful while picking your hair stylist as I mentioned before you are as good as your hair cut and your hair cut is as good as your stylist. Especially if you are going for a change of style do think thrice and choose your stylist.
  • Once when you have found that perfect stylist; get fixed with him/her permanently. It is better to have a cut from a known devil than from an unknown angel. Also pray that he/she shouldn’t quit!
  • Don’t over expect! This is the most important tip. Don’t expect to have every style you see in the portfolio or in the movies. You can never demand that you need a Priyanka Chopra’s Dostana cut or a Deepika’s Cocktail cut. The cut you prefer should accentuate your look and shouldn’t make you look like an outcast. An expert stylist can choose the style and cut that suits you perfectly. Go by his/her word (only if you really trust them).
  • Finally, don’t panic. If at all anything goes wrong, it’s just hair. It will grow.

Haircuts don’t end with the cutting done by salon. It depends on how well you care and how you brush them. I will soon come up with a hair care post.

Personal Note:

I have got many compliments for my hair before and after straightening it. I have not faced many problems with my hair and I guess that’s why am happy even when the whole world pisses me off at times :P.

Here are my hair care utilities:

Salon: Jawed Habib’s Salon, Chennai & Hyderabad (They are simply the best)

Shampoo & Conditioner: Wella – For Straightened Hair ( I wash only twice in a week)

Oil: Pure Olive Oil (I will oil once a week and leave it for an hour before washing)

Serum: Wella Mirror Polish (I use it only during rare occasions)

Hair Dryer: Phillips Miss Fresher’s Pack Dryer (I blow dry occasionally only – monthly twice or so).

You can give your suggestions, post your queries below!

Have a happy haircut!

Cheers n Love


I am S(t)ri 



Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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