Wanna have a theme wedding? Check This First : Wedding Wednesdays (WW) – 1

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Seeing the title you guys would have guessed that I have allotted Wednesdays for wedding related talk. Yup! With so many of my friends getting wed I as a part time wedding planner thought it would be apt to share my ideas and tips about how to plan your wedding efficiently. You may give the whole responsibility to a planner like me or more experienced top notch planners like Neeta Reheja. But what you should know as a bride-to-be or groom-to-be is that whatever may be the wedding planner agency you prefer or whoever may be your planner you should be equipped and familiar with certain things to add your personal touch to your wedding.

Today’s topic is about Theme Weddings. Be it the most gorgeous princess theme, royal theme, fairy tale theme or the simple black & white theme, floral theme; one thing is common – the way you choose and customize it. The couples especially the brides are very choosy but what if the choice you made after so many revisions and dilemma goes awry? Therefore get equipped wisely before choosing. Have a clear idea. The main mantra for a successful theme picking is “Not all that glitters in the portfolio will glitter in real life”. Don’t get carried away by the portfolio.


A Ethnic Red-White Floral Themed Wedding

I have jotted down certain things that must be understood while choosing the theme. This will be more or less like tips and tricks for choosing theme.

  • Don’t fix on a particular color (especially your favorite color):

Don’t blindly choose a color say pink and just be fixed on it. Imagine! Yet be practical. Pink is the perfect color for your dream wedding but too much of pink will make it look like a gay community meet than a wedding. Same holds good for any color; picking a color may make you wedding look monotonous. Bride and groom’s dress, wall color, guest’s dress, decoration all in same color will look sick on photographs until and unless you have excelled in differentiating everything at the same time maintaining the color code.

  • Themes and Concepts (How much is too much?):

Concept weddings are a great idea. In fact I suggest concept weddings more than color coded weddings. Imagine having a floral concept or a love based concept (so good for love marriages) or even having a beach wedding. All these are very awesome plans and if you want to have some color theme you can subtly add them here for instance; a blue and pink mermaid themed wedding or a lavender floral wedding. If both the couples are young, jovial and comical you can try a Batman, Star Wars or some satire themed weddings too. Are you afraid that theme weddings are restricted only to the western countries? Then you are completely wrong because themed weddings are trending a lot in many countries including India.

  • Don’t proscribe the groom:

Women are more interested in wedding while men about the marriage. Its basic woman nature to panic and pursue their dreams to get that perfect wedding but in this process of getting perfectly themed wedding don’t omit your man. Consider him. Think whether he will be able to look equally good and comfortable in the theme you choose. Pink and lavender themes don’t suit many men. Similarly in accordance with the themes only you got to select your wedding clothes so give him equal importance while selecting. Don’t pick his clothes by your mercy. This is a piece of advice my mother and sister gave me while I pick clothes for my brother and nephew. If at all you lack patience sit and talk to him explain him and get his views regarding your ideas. Remember wedding planning craziness sometimes breaks the whole wedding. Haven’t you watched the Bride Wars movie? Where Emma’s wedding gets broken after a nasty fight due to immature wedding planning? Don’t let wedding ruin your love.

  • Don’t coerce the guests:

Most of the Indian weddings happen in a small wedding hall and until and unless it is a holiday wedding there is no actual time or space for the guests to concentrate on what they wear or how they look. So unless it is a cocktail wedding or holiday wedding don’t impose dress code or color code on the guests. Firstly, guests over here in India come to wedding out of love and care (read: comment and gossip) so forcing them into something (especially the old people) is not just tough it is impossible. So stay calm and plan the themes and colors only with the close knit of friends and family (especially all your bubbly and naughty cousins).

  • Fix the theme for a single event:

Unlike the Christian weddings or western weddings, the Indian weddings have a lot of rituals and customs. Don’t try to fit the theme everywhere. For instance wedding in my community (Iyer Wedding) will run for some 3-7 days with a lot of procedures raging from nichyathartham (engagement) to Nalangu (Bridal Games) hence putting a theme everywhere is quite costly and tedious. Have the theme for the ritual where most of the guests attend and as well as where the bride and groom are relaxed to enjoy and pose. For example in an Iyer or Iyengar style wedding make the theme for Jaanvasham (the previous evening of marriage) or Reception. If it is a north Indian inspired wedding make the theme for Sangeet or Reception.

These are the five important tips you need to know about themed weddings before assisting in your wedding planning.

Pic Courtesy: The Big Indian Wedding – Pinterest

Happy Wedding!

Love n Cheers


I am S(t)ri


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