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Hi Folks,

Although I am just in the starting stage of my blogging career am overwhelmed by massive responses of my friends in my Facebook inbox. Thank you all. I request you to share your thoughts over here in the comments section also. Thanks once again for your support.

Owing to few requests from my friends I have decided to follow one niche per day (for instance Time pass Tuesdays). However the details of the same would be published soon. As of now, I will start with today’s post. It is about five efficient and different hobbies to try. Although I guess many women will be interested in these hobbies, men may also find them really interesting.


  • Gym, Aerobics or Yoga:

       We are in such a time now that these fitness programs have more or less became only as hobbies and passion. However, all is for well. You may be lean, medium, or bulky; whatever may be your build having an overall fitness and spending time for it is very essential. Spend an hour or so with any one of these stuffs daily. It will refresh your mind along with your body. However pick any one of them wisely. Optionally, you can simply do cardio exercises (tread mill, cycling, etc) for an hour or so. Better get a trainer or join a yoga class, gym class or aerobic session and once you learn it to certain extent you can start practicing by yourself. I am practicing yoga for past 14+ years.

  • Knitting:

       This one is seriously an antique, conventional hobby which hasn’t lost its charm. I have loved knitting since childhood when I see my sister knit. This is a relaxing hobby and will calm your mind to a very great extent. If you think knitting is very tough then you are wrong. It is all about practice and passion. Buy a basic knitting kit from any crafts store nearby and get the basics from YouTube tutorial. Even am novice in knitting, I have started very recently so to answer your queries and to give more info I will get my sister or one my good friend – Ramya (they both excel in knitting) to write a guest post for you.

  • Salsa:

       Remember what one of Diksha’s secret wish was in the Preeti Shenoy’s Novel “My Secret Wish List”? Salsa!! I am so obsessed with dancing and all I could do was a normal western dance and few traditional north Indian folk dances thanks to my School. I always wanted to learn Salsa and/or Bharathanatyam. Yes! I know these are two entirely different stuffs but still they are dance and dance is my passion. Salsa will not only be a good hobby but it will streamline your body movements, make you more petite, flexible and fit. Above all it will make you feel rejuvenated. This hobby is still in my wish list and I hope I fulfill it soon. Oh my dear men! You can accompany your sweethearts isn’t it? Especially if you are so possessive about us dancing with someone else!

  • Learn a language (foreign one perhaps):

       Are English and our mother tongue sufficient? Well, I don’t think so. Although we ladies might think that “Where will I be going? Why should I learn a new language?” Think again! Learning a new language is a great asset. It will make you proud and you will become that naive school child once again while learning. Choose with your favorite language. If you have previous experience in that language then just get a beginner’s book or online tutorial. Optionally you can opt for e-learning or real time learning classes. I constantly learn new language and update my vocabulary in the languages I already know. Currently am learning French through online tutorial since I have little previous knowledge in French. If you are not much interested in a foreign language go with the regional or national one. There are a plenty of them. Who knows you may fall in love with a person some other state or country. Learning languages from now on will make it easier to learn that new language of your partner later.

  • Take up certifications or do courses:

       If you are too interested in improving your career then you got to try this hobby. Since this will serve both as a hobby as well as a ladder to augment your career. Search online or get expert advice from people in your field. Choose which certification or course you need to take up. Apply for it and then work towards completing it. This will easily be a useful hobby for the next one year but choose something which you are passionate about and not something which you pick out of force pr pressure from others.

I am interested in writing and journalism apart from various other interests so I have applied for IGNOU’s course about diploma is journalism and mass communication and I am waiting to take the distance education.

Hope you all got an idea about the different hobbies you can take up. See you soon!


With Cheers n Love,


I am S(t)ri



  1. Learning a new language (foreign) is way too worth a thought! 🙂
    And yea, Salsa & Diksha! Lets make all the ones in “The Secret wishlist” happen in our real life ! 😉
    Not the ones in her wishlist though, & especially not the last one but maybe a better one!
    #Just_kidding 😀


    • Yes, not the last one unless we have a monotonous take-for-granted husband like Sandeep ;). Yes, all the others in the book and over here are worth trying.


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