My Doppelganger, My BFF! – MM1

Hi Folks,

Hope you all had an awesome weekend. Mine was tiresome but I enjoyed every bit of it. Are you thinking this post is about my weekend? Well Nah! I did enjoy my weekend with a very fantabulous meal at Kapila Dasa and you can see my review about it in Zomato. Do follow me in Zomato. I follow you back!

Well, as my post title says this post is about my doppelganger. I have a very cute and naughty niece about whom this post is about. Before I even start writing about this beautiful angel (read: demon) you must know her beautiful name: Sharmista. Sharmista actually means “one with a sweet voice” or “a kind hearted woman” but my niece is completely opposite. Anyhow the name still suits her style and aura.

Sharmista (aka Sha)  my eldest sister’s daughter is just ten years younger to me. She is at the start of her teens now. 13 is a lovely age for girls, although I loved her more when she was 6. When she used to be six she thought everything I said and did was right but now at 13 she has her own ideas and fantasies but then we do love each other a lot still. Here is a picture of me and her.


Me and Sha at her residence.

Sharmista is currently in her 8th grade in DAV Public School. My brother says me I remind him of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series and I feel that Sharmista reminds me of Hermione. Yeah! She is Ms. Perfect, bushy haired, charming girl. If anything is one the rule book she follows it. Even if a teacher forgets about something she remembers it and at times reminds the teacher. She finishes her work completely in time. When I see her I see my long lost childhood right in front of me.

Sha is not just my doppelganger for doppelgangers just resemble in looks, she is more than that. She is so unique from me yet so similar. She is my BFF. Especially after she has entered her teenage we are so close and we do a lot of things together we check out guys, dresses, pass comments, watch movies, and crack PJS. She is my hair stylist, my dress and accessories consultant above all she is a great photographer for her age because 40% of my facebook profile pictures are her clicks. She hates whom I hate and loves whom I love :). That’s the best characteristic of being a BFF right? 😛

We do have common interests as well as diversified likes on which we generally give Hi5s and argue respectively. She gives me a great company while watching Rom-Coms in regional languages, loves shopping, loves my teddy collection and has a huge teddy collection of her own which is added below.


Sha’s Teddy Collection

As for her differences while I love writing and reading she is more in to art and painting. She is exceptionally talented in art, craft and paintings and she loves it as much as I love reading and writing. Here is a cute art work painted by her.


Art Work painted by Sha

There are certain things we can never share with mom (however close our mom might be) and there are few persons who are damn close to us. For Sha am such a person and so is she for me. I may get married have kids but still she will be my first daughter, second doppelganger (I have another doppelganger too, Shh!), third sister and the one and only BFF. And as of myself am her ardent fan 🙂 Love You Sharmista!

Love n Cheers



  1. “reading this piece of emotional blog recalls back my good old memories which i had with my lil sis the present Sri… great feeling that can be understood only by the ones who experience it practically.. nice and great content


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