Five Favorite Unlimited Food Joints in Chennai

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Thank you again for your support. I recommend you to start following my blog to get updates via email. You can like my facebook page here. I express gratitude to my friends and other readers for the shares, likes and suggestions that you have sent as a FB message. Based on one of the suggestion, I have come up with a little bigger post this time and a topic that everyone of us adores. Yeah! That’s right. The topic is FOOD! After seeing my Zomato reviews (which are published here) my friend asked me about the top few buffet restaurants to try which are in range of 400-1000. So I came up with this post.

This post is about my favorite and worthy five buffet or unlimited thali restaurants in Chennai. I have categorized them in reverse order of my favoritism. All these restaurants are must try and worthy.

  • Southern Aromas and Main Street – The Residency Towers:

Situated in the Pondy bazaar, T. Nagar this restaurant is easily discoverable. This is one of the restaurants that serve authentic South Indian meals. This restaurant is well secluded from the noisy T. Nagar environment and had an awesome ambiance. Coming to the food they serve almost 4 different state varieties namely Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu. You will be simply taken to the authentic kitchen of the rural parts of the 4 southern states.  This is not a proper buffet. Instead it is as we South Indians adore a combination of Thali and Buffet (Table Buffet). You will be served unlimited Thali meals on your table.  The non-vegetarian food over here is more famous.

Optionally, if you want the proper buffet experience you can drop in to the Main Street which is present in the same Residency Towers. Main Street serves a wide variety of tasteful multi cuisine buffet. This is suitable for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians and they have a wide variety of salads and desserts too in addition to the main course. Both the restaurants have a-la-carte menu also.


Southern Aroma:  Rs. 650+ taxes (per person)

Main Street: Rs. 1000+ taxes (per person)

  • Grill Box – Santhome:

Come Let’s BBQ! This is the tagline of this BBQ restaurant. True to their tagline the restaurant allows you to experience the live BBQ. 90% cooking in their kitchen and remaining 10% in form of live BBQ in front of us is the protocol here. The restaurant has a stunning and perfect ambiance especially for romantic dinners. The staffs are cordial and the service is very apt and prompt. There is a huge buffet separately for vegetarian and non vegetarian. The widespread buffet not only includes the unlimited BBQ but unlimited and variety of salads, main courses and desserts. The whole buffet is multi cuisine and authentic in taste.


Ranges from Rs. 399 – Rs. 475+taxes for veg and Rs. 475 – Rs. 625+taxes for non veg. (per person)

  • Olives – Deccan Plaza

Situated in Royapettah, this restaurant is present inside the tall and supercilious Deccan Plaza. This restaurant is present in the ground floor of the Deccan Plaza and it serves awesome vegetarian only buffet. The buffet theme gets changed every month to cut the monotonousness of the dishes. I have been to 3 themes viz. rural repast (authentic rural dishes of all four southern states), Andhra food fest, Punjabi Dhaba. This is a really good and filling buffet and they have a very pervasive cuisine and even certain small stalls (Pani Puri, appam, etc) based on the theme. The foods from these stalls too are inclusive in the buffet rate.


Rs 551+taxes – only veg (per person)

  • Benjarong – Alwarpet

This is yet again a very stupendous and worthy buffet place in Chennai. The hotel present in the magnificent TTK Road is easy to spot and has an awesome and pleasant ambience. This place serves Thai cuisine and the taste of the food here is neat and perfect. This place is ideal for birthday treats, parties. Benjarong also offers vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food. Currently the restaurant is hosting Royal Thai Food Festival wherein the specialist Chef Tharee Charupas from Thailand who has flown down especially for this event will be now hosting this festival alongside Benjarong’s Chef Ram Kumar. This is first of its kind festival which will feature a very personally crafted Thai menu with wide-ranging mouth watering delicacies which were originally fashioned and discovered by dignified women of Thailand in the past. The food fest is open till November 17 2013.


Rs 700 + taxes – veg Rs 740 + taxes – non veg (per person)

  • Khandani Rajdhani – Express Avenue and Phoenix Market City

Okay! This isn’t exactly a buffet but this is a truly filling unlimited Thali restaurant and unlike other unlimited thali restaurants which serve only rice or main course as unlimited, the Rajdhani serves almost 32+ different varieties unlimitedly in their thali. The restaurant’s locality is very easy and effortless to spot since it is located in malls and the ambience is quite plain and dignified. The service is prompt and friendly. They serve authentic Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine. Go empty stomach and come with a full filled heart and tummy. This is a must try restaurant. However, they serve only vegetarian.


420+taxes only veg (per person)

These are my favorite buffet or unlimited thali restaurants in Chennai. They have a good value for money too. You can share your views about these restaurants as well as recommend more buffet or unlimited thali restaurants.

I have attached the collage of pics depicting the 5 restaurants. (Individual Photo Courtesy: Zomato)

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