Knight in Shining Armor Exists! – FF1

Hi Folks,

Thanks for your love and support! This is a post regarding the much needed topic of the hour. Do real caring men exist? Does a male stranger help you instead of ogling at you? Well before I start my post I wanted to share a beautiful video with you guys. Majority of you would have viewed it but it is nice to view once more here. This ad clearly depicts the men in your life (brother, father, husband, son) care for you. But my question is how does it feel when a total stranger cares for you? Here is my story.

I generally walk back from railway station to my home in a highly secluded (except for few drunkards and gamblers) area nearby a slum. This is the shortest route to my home in comparison with the two kilometer walk via beach road. As usual around 7:40 i started to walk from the railway station to my home. The street lights in this area aren’t working for past 2 weeks. However the place isn’t fully darkened thanks to the gleaming lights in the beach stalls opposite to this lane.

As I walked on I saw 2-3 drunk men (with glasses full of some stinking liquor) blocking my way. Hesitatingly I asked excuse me “konjam vazhi vidrela?” (which means “can you please move a bit?”). I expected them to giggle at me or worse ogle at me but to my surprise one amongst the three men told to others in local Chennai Tamil (which i have translated in English here) that “Guys move. The Brahmin girl who lives in the aghraharam (Brahmin area) is coming. Let her go!” then to the other guy he says “Hey! Light that flash light! Let her not stamp on something dirty.” I was totally astonished. He was holding the light on the path till i crossed the road and he added “Paathu po ma” which means Take care. This act wasn’t clearly teasing or sarcastic. It was a token of care and concern towards a fellow human being. I felt proud and happy.

While I narrated this incident to my mom, while I am typing this right now still a lump is in my throat and I am getting goosebumps. India – my perception about the nation and its men was wrong all along. I thought men (other than my family, friends and acquaintances) especially if they are drunk or shabbily dressed will tease woman or worst molest and rape them but I realized not all men are same. Same India is the country where an unknown men offers flash light till you cross a dark road. Knight in shining armor is not your husband or boy friend who protects you out of love and duty, For me Knight in Shining armor is these men who respect and care for fellow human being even in their boozed state.

Cheers n Luv,




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