Maybeline Color Show Nail Paints – TrTh 1

Hi Folks,

This is my first hand review about the Maybeline Color Show nail paints which is getting a viral reputation in the past few weeks. All over my news feed in Facebook i saw Maybeline Color Show related posts. So I thought why not try it? That’s how I ended up with this blog.

Firstly, a small and stylish advice to my male readers. This nail paints are awesome, worthy and in-your-budget gift to your girlfriends, sisters, mother. You can increase the number of nail paints depending on your budget. No occasion to gift? Create an occasion. Say I love you to them and gift it (this will do the magic).

I got few colors from Health & Glow, North Boag Road, T.Nagar, Chennai. They had only 20-30 colors. I picked Shocking Seas and Paint the Town (Blue and Red respectively) for time being. They cost 75 bucks (INR) each.

I literally forgot about the nail polish for couple of days and tried it only last night. I was in a bad mood and wanted a stress buster. Thus, I played my favorite Luka Chuppi-Rang De Basanti on my Dell Laptop and started with painting my nails with Shocking Seas. The whole process of styling my nail ended before the song.

The nail paints are so beautiful and pretty. Here are the advantages;

  • They dry within seconds. (for better results, switch off your fan while applying)
  • They get opaque in 2-3 coats. (Try single coat for light look and 2 shaded for the perfect look)
  • They are neither glossy and flashy nor plain and dull. It is just perfect.
  • They are worthy for Rs. 75.
  • They give you a parlor like clean finish.

As of disadvantages well I found only one. These nail paints are making me addictive.

Final Straw: Don’t waste money on costly stylist options for nail while you can get the same finish for Rs. 75. Pick colors suitably. I have attached picture of Shocking Seas painted on my nails.

P.S: The second pic on the left of collage is after first coat and the rest are after 2 coats.

ImageDo let me know your valuable thoughts.

Cheers n Luv,



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