About The Man of My Life

Hi, Folks,

The man of my life – how can I tell you about him in just one blog post?!

I have been with him for the past 7 years and never once cheated on him – that’s such a big deal in the current world where you get a lot of options by a click or swipe on your smart phone.

It was sheer luck that I ran into him one fine morning seven years back. Instantly, we hit it off. Without getting into the actual stories, here are the qualities that make him the guy that any girl wants. Continue reading


Notes d’amour – #1

Thanks to the French classes and amazing love stories around me, I am back to writing happy romantic tales ❤

Love is a music that makes you dance, relax, contemplate, and relish. Here’s the first post in the “Notes d’amour – Notes of Love” series. Each story/episode will be named after a romantic song, I adore.

#1: Love Me Like You Do

Stretching her hands upwards, she yawned out loud. The aroma of Earl Grey Tea coupled with that of petrichor was pleasant. Sipping the tea slowly, she grabbed the newspaper to read about yesterday’s match. Even in the world of smartphones that gives her live updates, she preferred to read the sports page of The Hindu, whenever there was a cricket match, irrespective of she watched it or not. Continue reading

You’re my sunshine: A Short Story

I was lost in thoughts, when he gently gave me a nudge with a mug filled with hot green tea.

“Ouch,” I yelp.

“Where are you?” he asks.

I smile looking into his eyes.

I had already told him it was too early for me to go on a date with anyone.

“It’s been 5 months,” my best friend told me when I texted her or rather sent her a screenshot of him asking me out.

“He is a nice guy,” she said.

“I don’t need nice guys. I don’t need anyone. The last time I thought someone was nice I got hurt,” I replied.

“You are scared to do what you do the best,” she replied immediately.

“And what would that be? Getting my heart broken?” I asked.

“Taking risks, giving things a second chance, and loving people,” I read her reply thrice before replying, “I am not the same girl anymore.” Continue reading

10 Mani Ratnam Female Characters That Need More Spotlight (Part 1/2)

Hi, folks,

Even if you know me for a week, you know how obsessed I am about Harry Potter Book Series, Jane Austen Books, and Mani Ratnam Movies – Yes, I breathe these three like oxygen. Most of my jokes will have references from one of these three. There are a plenty of articles on the web about how strong Mani Ratnam movie female leads are – from Divya to Sakthi, from Meera to Tara, most of the leads were adored, but when someone asked me who my favorite Mani Ratnam female character was, none of these women made it to my top 3. Despite being able to relate to Meera, Tara, and Jiji – I couldn’t call them my favorite. That’s when I wondered why not write about 10 women from Mani Ratnam movies who deserved more spotlight – yes, most of these women were not raved about as much as the rest – let’s not dwell on the why. Instead, let’s just cherish these 10 Mani Ratnam Characters.

Image result for mani ratnam sketch

Continue reading

Perfect Prescription for Broken Hearts By Aparajitha Nagesh: Book Review

Hi, Folks,

Around three years back, I met Aparajitha in the book launch of the book, The One You Cannot Have by Preeti Shenoy. It was an interesting event. Aparajitha told me that she was writing a novel, and some time later, she did publish her novel.


I was pleasantly surprised when she sent me a copy of this novel for review and reading. Well, here are my unbiased thoughts. Before that here’s a brief about the book! Continue reading