– The Shopping Experience

Hi, Guys,

I was supposed to do an OOTD, but I couldn’t find a photographer😦 Yes, my brother and sister, who generally click kickass pictures are out of town. If any photographer is willing to collaborate, please let me know in the comments or via FB.

So, I decided to do a shopping experience post. Recently, I happened to shop for this amazing saree from As you all might know, I own more than one saree from To be honest, this is my 3rd saree from them. So, here is the saree.


The saree has a beautiful netted pallu that has lovely embroidery in it. The border and blouse are satin. The best part about is that you can even get your blouse customized at a reasonable price. Yes, just measure yourself and share it with them, and you will get a perfectly stitched blouse. Continue reading

From the Dream Girl of Kollywood to the Khaleesi of TN – A Saga

<<This is not about the Life and Death of Dr Jayalalitha, but it’s my personal rant on how she inspired me in many ways. Read at your own risk>>

I don’t know how many of you still remember the times when matinee movies in most Tamil channels used to be exclusively classics. Kaaviya Budhan in Sun TV, 1 PM classic movies in K TV and Jaya TV, and so on!

On the days I am at home in the afternoon, my mom used to make me sit and watch the old movies that they broadcast. I still remember this one afternoon when I asked my mom, “Wooah, this lady is hot and she dances extremely well; who is she? Not Padmini, I know.” It was Aayirathil Oruvan movie and the actress was none other than our beloved Dr. J. Jayalalitha.

My knowledge about classic movies and actors in it was limited to Saroja Devi, Padmini, MGR, and Sivaji, back then. “It’s our CM,” my mom said. “What?” I exclaimed. Continue reading

MyDaily Meal – Vanilla: A Review

I was recently contacted by the PR of myDaily Meal to review their product. I was sceptical about it initially. However, since my friend Sindhu also tried and reviewed this product, I wanted to go ahead and try it.

myDaily Perfect Meal - All Flavour (3 Meals Pack)

I got the Vanilla/Original flavour to be reviewed. I forgot to tell them not to send Vanilla as I am not a big fan of it. Nevertheless, I did want to try the original flavour once it arrived as I might be biased and in favour if it was the chocolate flavour. Continue reading

To my atypical boyfriend…

Hey, you,

You have never been a conventional boyfriend, & I know you never will be.

Not only you forget my birthday, but you are unapologetic about it. You don’t check where I am after my work. You won’t remember our anniversary, leave alone what I wore on our first date.

The guys I dated before you treated me like a princess. Yes, I might have cribbed about them to you, but they did actually pamper me to the core. From surprising me constantly to opening doors for me, they treated me exactly how romantic novels describe it to be. Continue reading

Meena Tai’s – A Quintessential Maharastrian Veg Cuisine Review

Hi, folks,

We recently collaborated with Meena Tai’s for a food tasting session. While we initially wanted to collaborate with Batlivala & Khanaboy – their other venture, the owner of the ventures suggested us to try Meena’s Tai.

Since both V & I haven’t tried much of Maharastrian cuisine, we were sceptical. Our knowledge about Maharastrian food was limited to Vada Pav and Misal Pav. However, when we entered this restaurant, we were in for a surprise. Read on to know about our experience.

Ambiance is something that will catch my eye whenever we visit any restaurant. This restaurant’s ambiance was on the point. Amazing, royal decor is what the resto had. Yellow walls, ethnic mirrors, and lots of ancient utensils on the cupboard – that’s the decor, and I loved it.

Coming to the food part, here are the items we tried. V will be covering the non-veg cuisine in our blog here.

  1. Welcome Drink – Kokum Soda & Kairi Panhe

Kokum Soda was an amazing mocktail that you must definitely take along with the heavy meals that this place has to offer. Made authentically, this was easily the best welcome drink.

Kairi Panhe was spicy aam panna. While the drink was definitely yummy, it is not something that I would suggest to be taken with the food. This can be a good after meal drink.

  1. Veg Starter – Sabudhana Vada & Kothimber Vada

Vadas are something that we South Indians love, and Sabudhana Vada being different from the ones we have here has always been my favourite. The big, lovely vada in this restaurant made me fall in love with it. Served with green chutney and sweet curd, this is a must try here.

The Kothimber Vada was equally tasty and yummy. If you love the strong smell of kothimber (coriander), then you might just fall in love with this vada.

  1. Veg Mains – Sev Bhaaji, Bharli Vaangi, and Vaatli Daal

Misal Pav, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji will take a back seat after you taste this amazing Sev Bhaaji. Yumminess to the core!

Bharli Vaangi – Another authentic dish made of Brinjal – I was so much mesmerized by this dish for I love Brinjals in gravy. Cooked to perfection, this tastes great with both rice and roti.

Vaatli Daal – Well, being a fan of Daals, I can’t help but keep taking more and more servings of this. This is a dry daal dish.

  1. Veg. Bread & Rice – Malvani Vade & Nagpuri Vada Bhaat

We had 1 normal roti, puri, and rice to go with the mains and all of them were quite good. While Malvani Vade was conventional poori made with rice flour and lentils, the Vada Bhaat was crispy lovely vadas that needs to be had with rice and oil.

If you are visiting this place, do not forget to ask for the vada bhaat – the best dish here!

  1. Desserts – Kharvas & Fresh Coconut Karanji

As I am not a fan of Karanji, I didn’t try it, while V said he liked it. Kharvas was something that I loved and will recommend. This is the Indian cheesecake😛

Rating: 5/5

When I write blog review based on a food tasting session, I don’t generally comment about the service or VFM. However, this place was an exception as the manager was courteous enough to sit with us through the dinner and explain about each and every dish.

I definitely recommend this place to all. Do try and let me know your thoughts!
Meena Tai's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Fully Local: Ada Thara Local North Indian Saapadu!

Hi, Folks,

Have you noticed the gigantic black staircase, with famous Bollywood dialogues written, right in the heart of R.K. Salai? Yes, right above Zuka is this treasure called Fully Local.

Most of you might have tried this restaurant, and some of you might be like “What??” Well, either way, read on about my experience, must-try dishes, and lots more about this restaurant. Continue reading

Kailash Parbat – A Food Court Experience Review

Hi, Folks,

Last evening I had a chance to visit The Forum Mall. We planned to drop by Lifestyle and Max stores to check out the ethnic wear collections for Diwali. Needless to say, I did shop more than I wanted to. However, this post is not another OOTD, but an eatery review. Since both my friend and I were hungry, we went to the Food Court as soon as we entered.

Both of us love North Indian Khana, so our obvious choice was Kailash Parbat. I generally don’t review eateries that are in Food Courts of malls, but the food court in this mall was well-maintained and spacious that it felt like a normal dining experience.

SERVICE: It’s self-service. Most of the food items were ready in prior, like the briyani, gravy, etc. So, the food was available within minutes. Therefore, this is good for people who love to grab something super quick. Continue reading

Styling A Vidya Balan Saree – ft.

Hi, Folks,

This was one fun post I loved working on. Yes, it’s not everyday I get to wear a saree and style it to perfection. However, from now on, you will find me in at least one ethnic outfit per month.

Well, coming to the post, I adored the saree that Vidya Balan wore to Koffee With Karan. She is known to wear sarees that are quite bold and beautiful. I am not a big fan of her, but I am a big fan of any good fashion, and this black saree with gold jewellery is classic fashion.

Image result for vidya balan black saree koffee with karan Continue reading

Back to School OOTD – ft. M&S

Hi, folks,

This weekend has been crazy; with so many back to back photoshoots for my blog, I am now exhausted. However, on the positive side, I will be writing and sharing a lot of blog posts with you in the forthcoming days.

Coming to this post, recently I had a chance to visit the Forum Vijaya Mall, this was my first shopping experience in this mall. When I used to be in Bangalore, I loved the Spar/Auchan store. It was convenient and affordable. When I entered this mall, I was happy to see Spar, and I immediately entered there. After shopping a few basics there, my next halt was at Marks & Spencers.

Credits: FVM, Chennai

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Hamsa – A Luxury Dining Resto Review

Hi, Folks,

If you know me personally and have seen my phone’s gallery, it will be filled with travel, food, and fashion photos. My to-be-read list, places-to-visit list, restaurants-to-try lists are long and overflowing. One such restaurant was Hamsa.

Hamsa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I missed the launch party of Hamsa, and since then this restaurant has been in my Zomato Wishlist. When a good friend of mine pinged and asked if I want to visit this restaurant as a food blogger, I was overwhelmed. So, I did visit this place on a workday lunch. How was my experience? Read on!


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1 Denim 5 Looks!

Hi. folks,

It’d been so long that I blogged on Fashion. There are a lot of fashion posts that I want to post. However, I will be doing those once I am back from my tour. Yes, I am traveling to Himachal Pradesh🙂 Yay!!

This blog post is going to be about how to style one pair of denims in five ways.

The jeans I am featuring here is a denim capris from Lee Cooper, which I got in a sale from Big Bazaar. Continue reading