Making My Home With BlogAdda – Rajastani Way!

Hi, folks,

With Ganesh Chathurthi around the corner, it has been a great time cleaning and arranging my house (with 100% help from my mom). However, if given a chance to add something new to my house to give it a complete makeover, what would it be? This was the question asked my blogadda and Make My Home. From a list of 100 best home décor items, I had to pick three and renovate my room to match a theme. Ladies and interior decoration go hand in hand, ain’t it? Well, it definitely does; Thus, I had picked my theme – Rajastani Ethnic.

Even as a child I had this fascination for Rajastani home décor, dresses, and food. It might be because of the fact that I had a lot of Rajastani friends. Anyways, I found three adorable things that could totally change my plain room to an ethnic heaven. More

Private India – Book Review

Hi, folks,

This weekend the book that kept me busy was “Private India”.

Private India is the eighth book in the “Private” series. Similar to the previous seven “Private” books that were written by James Patterson with a co-author, this book too is written by him; however, this time it is with an Indian author Ashwin Sanghi. Patterson is well-known for his gripping and thrilling fiction book writing skills. On the other hand, Sanghi too is a well-known author who has been critically acclaimed for his previous books. With such high expectations from both the popular authors, what does one can expect from Private India? An edge-of-the-seat thriller! Is that expectation satisfied? Do the authors make justice to their fans. More

Chennai, oops I mean, Madras – My Love!!

Hi Folks,

I am part of this super awesome group called “Chennai Bloggers Club”, CBC in short. We are a group of unique, witty, and jovial bunch who have strong bondage to Chennai aka Madras. As a part of the group, we are blogging on CBC TABLOG 2, it is the second year. TABLOG is something where a single topic is chosen and a bunch of bloggers blog on it. The topic for this year is “One aspect that I’d like to change about Chennai.” Before me 6 other lovely bloggers have blogged on this topic, and the most recent one who blogged is Kalyani, who has this amazing blog. Show her lots of love by visiting her blog!

Now, coming to the topic, what would I like to change about Chennai? Well, I wanted to write a big thesis on beach cleanliness, civic sense, etc but those were all well discussed. So, here I am with a lighter topic – Pani Puri! Yeah, you read it right. I wanna change the Pani Puri :P Well, you know what’s the biggest nightmare of a foodie like me? It’s eating bad briyani or bad pani puri. More

How He Caught My Eye? – A tale of modern day relationships! – Chapter 4

Note From Stri:

Stri is a lazy blogger who posts her Freestyle Fridays post on Saturdays :P and will post her Saturday Drabbles on Sundays!!! :P

Read the previous chapter here

Do you want me to pen more chapters and release it as a book?


A Modern FB Story!

A Modern FB Story!

He was fed up; he wasn’t able to understand this girl. Anyways, when was the last time he ever understood women? They are so complex, aren’t they? Varun loved women, not just for the looks but also for their unique differences. He is a gentleman as well as a flirty guy in one but still he always feels detached in the whole concept of understanding women. Why hasn’t she responded to him, he didn’t say anything offensive and in fact they were going on in a really steady pace why would she stop responding all of a sudden? More

You, Me, He, She, & An Incomplete Love Story!

Welcome to my Stationery World! Introducing the new characters in my world!

Pencil – the protagonist,

Eraser – the antagonist,

Color Pencils – the boring girls,

Parker Pen – the GIRL,

Reynolds Racer Pen – the TOM BOY,

Trimax Pen – the DUDE,

Sticky Notes – friends of protagonist,

The Play! More

Once Bitten, Twice Shy!

She clutched her red skirt tightly along with her knees and cried. She cried for what happened today, the things that happened month before, the stuffs that went wrong an year back, and for the all the messiness in her life. Her tears wet her brilliant red skirt, she silently saw the tears create bloats on her otherwise perfect skirt. She thought of Anup who gifted her this skirt, she thought of the beautiful years that she and Anup spent in love; the thoughts that should bring a smile on her face brought her tears. It was Anup’s wedding that day. She could have been there besides him in red lehanga instead of sitting on her terrace in this red skirt.

She remembered Sujith, her first crush. She was lucky enough to have a mutual first crush but then what seemed to be a fairy tale to her friends was nothing but mental agony to her. At 17 when she deserved to be happy, date the one she liked, and have fun she was struck up with a self sustained guy who was externally flirtiest and romantic but his internal self was nothing less than a monster. After Sujith which ended in hardly 4 months, it took her totally 1 year to recover out of it. Finally, she fell in love again and this time she knew it wasn’t crush or physical attraction but Love. She loved Anup with a love that was more than a love. However, what she thought as Eternity lasted just 5 years. She didn’t know who was to be blamed? Her non-adjusting behaviour or his suspicious nature? Her beauty that caught many eyes or his arrogance that always degraded her? Her nagging nature or his practical look towards life? More


Hi Folks,

Shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair care – Damn, they just turn me on more than the hottest guy in the universe. Yup, who doesn’t love their hair? Well, at least the hair on their head! So, when IndiBlogger came up with review for Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo+Conditioner contest I immediately applied; result? I got these lovely gift wrapped free samples.

10151317_863310233685797_3327007635414815034_n More

Which way to go?

“Mom, no I am not marrying anyone”, Pavithra said.

“How long will you be thinking about Rishi? You must forget him Pavi” her mom retorted.

Pavithra has clearly decided about which way to go, the way was living with dead Rishi’s memories.



Short Fiction – Drabble – Triple Dhamaka

I have written 3 drabbles (100 words fiction) based on WriteTribe Prompt – s/he wished s/he knew then what s/he knew now


“Please moderate:” was her mail’s subject and she opened it to see that someone has commented on her post which was written years back. She smiled at the comment and somehow she ended up reading her whole post and the previous posts too. She regretted few posts that had grammar errors and she smiled at few posts that were close to her heart. There weren’t any comments in any of her posts that were posted at that time. She is an ace blogger and all her posts get minimum 50+ comments. She wished she knew then what she knew now.


She travelled almost 500 miles to meet him and fortunately they were alone. He hugged her tightly as they gazed at the rain drizzling from his balcony. “I love you da” she said. “I love you too” he whispered in her ears. There was unstoppable sexual urgency between both of them. This is the first time they met after she accepted his love. He moved away from her and said, “Let’s watch movies”. She respected him more. She wished she knew then what she knew now for she had made him wait for almost 3 years before saying a yes.


He massaged her bosoms softly and kissed her neck. It was magical for she wanted nothing but his skin on hers. The enchanted bliss was broken when he screamed, “No, it’s paining.” This wasn’t the first time this had happened. He always had a problem when it came to penetration. It’s been a year now and she could take it no longer and she said to her mom about this who suggested circumcision. When she said about it to him he wished he knew then what he knew now else he wouldn’t have run away from the clinic years ago.



Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 6

“Karthik, Aaradhana has fainted”, these 4 words lingered in his mind. He wondered how come she could have fainted. She hasn’t gone to mysore yet and she was just couple of miles away covering a summer camp. He tried to keep calm and drove to the summer camp.

Their friend Pooja’s call was disturbing him. He was mentally cursing Aaradhana for her poor stamina. Even after warning her umpteen number of times to eat properly she never did it. He reached 2miles in 2 minutes but the two minutes were the worst and longest two minutes of his life.

“Aaradhana?” he gestured to Pooja who was standing in the parking lot. “Come with me”, she said. As they reached inside there was grave silence. “How she fainted?” he asked trying to sound as calm as possible. “Well, she fell from err the ladder while clicking photos”, Pooja said with hesitation. All his inner peace was shattering and whatever calmness he has till now broke into pieces. He looked devastated as he entered the medical center of the summer camp.




Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 5

Karthik’s phone rang and he picked it up monotonously. He was missing Aaradhana who was gone for an official trip to Mysore. As he spoke on the phone, he stood frozen. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. His head was spinning and he gradually sat on the chair. All the memories of Aaradhana rushed forward, her smile, her chirpy voice, and her smiling eyes. “No. Why my Aaradhana?”, he thought. It was just today morning she had called and said, “I miss you Karthik, I want to be with you forever”. Her forever hasn’t even lasted for 24 hours.

Someone tapped on his shoulders and he screamed as he saw Aaradhana or was it the spirit of Aaradhana in white dress. “Idiot, wake up. We need to go to the NGOs to collect some news”, she said. “Your tour, your accident?” he stammered. “What are you blabbering?” she asked as she hit him on his back. He realized that he had been dreaming and immediately hugged her.

Later that afternoon, their boss called Aaradhana and said, “I want you to go to Mysore for an official meeting”. Karthik was petrified when he heard this from Aaradhana.



IPL – I Pathetically Love!!!!

#PepsiIPL – The only cool thing about this hot summer. IPL, IPL, IPL, everywhere – from my home to office, from my mobile bookmarks to my laptop internet history IPL seems omnipresent. It all started 7 years ago – the first IPL begun when I first began my IPL – Indian’s Pathetic League – Engineering.  Now after seven years, engineering ka toh pata nahi lekin IPL toh mera addiction hogaya (I don’t know about Engineering but IPL is an addiction to me still).

Five ways to know that you are addicted to the game!

1. You will loathe having evening meetings at office!



Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 4

It was Karthik’s birthday and Aaradhana wanted to cook dinner for him. She prepared well in advance to make his favorite Tomato Bhath and Potato Fry.


She placed the dinner along with his favorite chocolate ice-cream on the table. As Karthik said, “Waah, looks yummy. Feed me a little Aaradhana, my hands are dirty.”  She realized that she could no longer hide the truth and she showed him her bandaged right hand, “I got injured as my fingers went inside the mixer while blending tomatoes, I somehow managed to cook with left hand but how will I feed you now?”

~Linking this to Saturday Drabble at Write Tribe



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What Stri Writes On Her Diary???

Have you ever written a diary? How do you feel about it now? Do you ever read it? What is your relationship with your diary? #MyDiary

I was skipping IndiSpire Prompts for a while due to excessive workload and today is one of the days I was feeling as if I had some verbal Viagra and I want to keep posting. As I was happily checking out the IndiSpire edition of this week, I heart skipped a beat because this was exactly something I wanted to write about. Read on!

I took a new year resolution this year that I will write diary every single day but then my resolutions lie always “Bhadh mein gaya” (Went to hell/collapsed/backfired). However, I do have written a lot of diary entries since childhood, some preserved safely, some destroyed over time, some shared into stories, and many entries that I could neither save, nor throw away. More

Mom, Daughter, Grapes, and Life Lessons!

“This is Ishika, this is Diksha” my 4 year old was talking to someone and I panicked.

“Who are you talking to??” I questioned hastily and Shristi who was talking to grapes replied, “Mom, this grape is Ishika see she is small, this is plump Diksha; these people irritate me so I am throwing them away.”

I saw that she was removing the spoiled grapes from her bowl and named them as Ishika, Diksha, etc; I smiled at her cleverness clubbed innocence but the mom in me marched forward and said, “It’s wrong to hate people.”

“I don’t hate them mom, if they drain happiness out of our lives they should be removed from our lives.”

This mother’s day I realized that, at times, our kids teach us life lessons through their childish acts.



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